Alternative energy is another source of generating electricity which is not part of the conventional fossil of fuel source. It is a form of energy which is comparatively clean and is environmentally friendly. An alternative source of energy is that newly discovered fuel that can replace the conventional energy source. Instead of using burning fuels, other friendly energy sources are used. These sources are able to provide similar or even at times better power. All of the various forms of energy are different in when it comes to economics, application and output. There are many different types of alternatives as well, there is biomass, solar, wind, hydropower and geothermal.

Advantages of Alternative Energy

There are many benefits that come from the use of alternative energy sources that you cannot receive from the more standard sources of energy. One of the main advantages is the absence of pollution that effects the environment and of course the affordability of the energy. The current main source of energy, fossil fuel, is both expensive and a major pollutant to the environment. Because of this many people want to make alternative energy sources more available and used more often. There are though a few things that are hindering this so far.

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Disadvantages of Alternative Energy

The difficulty with alternative energy sources is that they are not readily available in the places where they are needed most. For example, if solar energy is the main source, then you want a steady supply of sun, this does not happen in all places. Or the wind may not be strong enough for wind powered energy devices. There are improvements being made to correct these down falls, to find ways around the issues and make these energy sources more reliable. As soon as they resolve these issues then these energy sources can be more available to the masses.

Conversion of Energy

The laws of physics tell us that energy is found in various different forms and can in a way work for us. This means that is can cause an effect, often a visible one. The sun, for example, brings solar energy to the earth, we can then harness this heat and make it into energy, this is a clean and natural form of energy and energy conversion, one that could be the way of the future. Conversion of energy from one form to another is also possible. For instance, the kinetic energy of flowing water can be converted into electric power and the chemical energy found in fossil fuels can be changed into heat energy. These are the ways they are working to create alternative energy sources.

Problems with Conventional Energy Source

Now there is a slight problem. The laws of physics state that energy cannot be created or lost, they can only be converted. That is why the chemical energy that we use from fossil fuel turns into carbon dioxide and is released into the atmosphere. This is one of the main causes of global warming. So, scientists are working hard to find conversions of energy that do not have negative effects on the atmosphere or environment. When they have accomplished this, then we will have more clean energy sources for our use.