The term ECO-friendly was born sometime in the last century when scientists discovered that our irrational consumption was leading to the destruction of the environment. From that point on, more and more governments made policies that would help us cut down the energy consumption or to make energy in a responsible way. There are also many individuals that have taken measures in order to help the environment and to live an Eco-friendlier life. But the individual measures are often not enough to guarantee that the environment is preserved. There are many ways in which the individual fight can be helped by the government. The partnership between responsible citizens and the local authorities is probably the best ways to battle against the pollution. We have listed some of the ways in which the local government can help conserve energy in order to better understand the battle for a better environment.

City Lights

First of all, the lights of the city can be ECO-friendly. There are many cities that have made traffic light solar panels in order to preserve as much energy as possible. Lately, the street lights were also switched on solar energy thanks to the small panels installed right above them. This simple yet ingenious method helped cities save thousands of dollars a month due to the fact that the cities didn’t need to take electricity from the national system anymore. This way the cities and local governments can save up money while being friendly to the environment.

City Water

Cities can install separate water drainage systems that can recycle the waste water. There are many cities that adopted this system, especially if they are situated in hot or desert areas. The waste water, or gray water as it is called in some areas, can be cleaned and then reused to clean the streets or for toilet flushing. This kind of system requires a good infrastructure, but it can save millions of gallons of water every month. It is a very simple and ingenious way to conserve energy.

Eco Friendly Energy

Another ingenious way in which governments encourage ECO-friendly energy consumption is by paying for the electricity produced in ECO-friendly ways. For example, there are many people that have solar panels or small wind mills that produce more energy that they need. Local governments saw the opportunity and gave the people that produce energy the opportunity to get money from this. They install special machines that read how much energy you put in the national or local energy system and at the end of the month you receive the money. Because of this, more and more people installed solar panels or other ECO-friendly systems in order to make money.

Public Transport

A good way in which local governments help to conserve energy is by having an excellent public transportation system that leads to more and more people giving up on cars and choosing the bus instead. Also, there are many cities that also provide bicycles for the citizens in order to encourage energy conservation.