The environment around us suffered a lot from our growing consuming and the lack of a responsible use of the natural and artificial resources. People noticed that various daily used items were now starting to have a negative effect on the environment. Another very important research domain was the plastic use. Plastic is made only artificially, and the disposal is often times irresponsible and this fact leads to a lot of pollution. There are many people that try to reduce their plastic use in order to be friendlier to the environment but unfortunately not many people know how to do it. We have listed some tips on how to reduce your plastic use in order to be more friendly with the nature on a daily basis.

Grocery Bags

A lot of plastic is wasted whenever we go to do grocery shopping because we buy plastic bags to transport the products we acquire, and we often throw them away afterwards. A good idea is to keep the plastic bags and to reuse them whenever we go grocery shopping and when they get deteriorated we can put them in the recycle bag. This is a very responsible way to do your groceries and it will definitely help the environment.

To Go Cups

Take your own thermos when you go to buy coffee. Most of the coffee-to-go shops use disposable cups made of plastic and paper that consume a lot of resources. A very easy way to enjoy your coffee knowing that you are not hurting the environment is to take your own thermos with you. There are many coffee shops that encourage this because they know the impact of the disposable coffee cups. Speaking of beverages, a huge pollution source is a small thing we often use when we go out for a drink. And this small thing is the straw. Straws are one of the biggest plastic waste sources and when they are thrown in the water they interfere with the natural environment of many species. Ditch the straw and sip from your cocktail in the old-fashioned way.

Water Bottles

Buy a water can for your daily water intake and stop buying water bottles. These are some of the greatest plastic waste sources in the world simply because people don’t reuse them, and they don’t recycle. There are many places in which you can buy a long-term-use water bottle or thermos and this way you will not produce any more waste while drinking water.

Plastic Wrap

Try to avoid any plastic wrapping in general. Buy your vegetable directly from the supermarket racks and don’t take them in plastic wrapping anymore. Buy the milk in a carton or paper wrap and not in plastic. Even the basic clothing detergent can be found in paper or carton boxes that are much friendlier to the environment because they are degradable. And lastly, try to avoid artificial body and face scrubbing because the tiny exfoliating particles are actually plastic balls that go directly into water.